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Football Pen
Turning business days into match days.

This is how the FOOTBALLPEN works!

Bone conduction allows you to hear sound through the vibration of the bones of your face. This means that the sound waves are bypassing the outer and middle ear and directly stimulate the inner ear.

Bone conduction technology has been around for many years and is not dangerous – quite the contrary.

This is how you setup the FOOTBALLPEN

Setup of the FOOTBALLPEN is pretty straight forward


Connect the pen with your mobile device

The pen connects just like a normal bluetooth headphone or speaker


Open the radio.net app on your device

The radio.net app is available for iOS and Android


Choose one of many football stations

Choose your favorite station and start the stream


Put the pen in your mouth and bite on it

You're now listening through bone conduction and look totally focussed - awesome!

Listen to these football stations via radio.net

radio.net offers a magnitude of football related stations

Win a FOOTBALLPEN and turn every workday into a match day!

Keep an eye on our facebook page and don't miss your chance to win your pen for your listening pleasure. Good luck!

Choose your way to listen to radio.net

Just search for "radio.net" in the respective apps