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Listen to radio.net on your SONOS now!

The setup of radio.net on your SONOS devices is easy.

This is how you set up radio.net on your SONOS

Follow these four steps


Open the SONOS controller app.

With this app you control your SONOS devices


Go to "+ Add music services" and search for "radio.net"

Look for the search symbol to start your search


Choose radio.net as your music service

You can also search for e.g. radio.fr, radio.es, radio.de


Now your SONOS is playing radio.net

Tip: Add radio.net to your favourites

Fill your home with music

with radio.net and SONOS smart speakers

Rich sound in every room

SONOS speakers are known for brilliant sound and multi-room capability

Huge choice of radio stations

radio.net brings together more than 30,000 radio stations worldwide. The right choice for every taste

Favourites in your SONOS app

You can save your favourite stations in the SONOS app. The best stations at your fingertips.

Search for more

You can find your favourite programme and extraordinary stations from all over the world.

Stations near you

radio.net provides local stations. Get your regional news with only one click.

Even more radio.net

The service is available across your favorite devices